Royal Athletics

HS Royals

Jr High Royals

Middle School Royals

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High School Coaches:

  • Baseball: Chris Newman;

  • Boys Basketball: Seth McBroom;

  • Freshmen Basketball:

  • Girls Basketball: David Crockett

  • Cheer:

  • Softball:

  • Volleyball:

Jr. High School Coaches:

  • Baseball:

  • Boys Basketball: Seth McBroom

  • Girls Basketball: Casey Douglas

  • Cheer:

  • Softball: Lisa Wilson

  • Volleyball:

Middle School Coaches:

  • Boys Basketball:

  • Girls Basketball:

  • Cheer:


  • Boys Basketball: Casey Parson

  • Girls Basketball: Casey Parson

  • Cheer:

Must be completed every 2 years for student athletes 7th-12th grades.

2019-20 New Pre-participation Physical Evaluation.pdf

Must be completed every year for student athletes 7th-12th grade.

2019-20 New Pre-participation Annual Requirments.pdf